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A native of Syracuse, NY - photographer Zach Coco got his start in high school, working with B&W film; processing and printing his images in the dark room. He refined his craft assisting in NY and LA for the industry’s top photographers. Zach’s vision is unique and lauded by his peers. From humble beginnings, Zach has always been one give to thanks to those who have helped him along his journey. His grandfather was an especially big influence, and became the inspiration for the personal project of documenting our nation’s WWII Veterans. Coco has always had a connection to our nation’s heroes, being born on Veterans Day, but when his grandfather, a WWII Veteran himself, passed away, Zach realized that the time is almost up, to show the men and women who saved the world, the appreciation they deserve. His approach is calculated and tries to craft each portrait for the individual. He is known for creating an atmosphere of calm and positivity on set, putting his subjects at ease and treating every individual with the dignity they deserve.

When not traveling for work, Zach lives in Los Angeles, with his wife.

In his free time he continues his mission to interview and photograph as many WWII Veterans as possible until they are all gone.